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Red Deer Wedding Photographers – 3 Tips for Grooms

January 25, 2018

3 Tips for Grooms

We see a lot of tips for brides and brides-to-be.. but what about the men you’re marrying!? Believe it or not, the grooms do have SOME responsibility on their big day 😉 and ladies, as hard as it is to leave some tasks to them, these 3 tips are what they can do to help me, help you have better images!


  1. IRON YOUR SHIRTS/SUIT! I guess you could help your man out with this one… cause men usually wait until they are about to get dressed to pull everything out of the travel bags. This is a huge no no! I’ve come across a lot of my grooms with their shirts wrinkled and the bottoms of their pants wrinkled too. And once I pull everything out to photograph it… I’ll notice the wrinkled shirt and say WHYYYYYY! But hey, we got time, I can just iron them for you? NO! This will feed into the time I could be capturing your portraits. Iron the night before and leave everything hung, untouched over night. That way in the morning it’ll not only be ready for me to photograph… it’ll be ready for you! And if you’re travelling, take an iron with you or use one in the hotel room. Seriously. Once you get to your getting ready location, the first thing you need to do is take everything out of that travel bag and hang it up!
  2. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS FOR THE CEREMONY! This was a big one for me last year as I ran into this problem A LOT! During portraits, I have the chance to ask everyone to empty their pockets before we get started. During the ceremony, I unfortunately don’t have that chance! I can’t run up and stop the ceremony and ask one of your groomsmen to take his sunglasses off his head. Instead, I have to sit back and watch the horror unfold as you’ve left your phone, wallet AND keys in the same back pocket creating this insane butt bulge. You’ve made yourself the newest Kardashian look-alike with that junk in the trunk that was never there until you turned to face your bride and BAM! HELLO! *sigh* And all I can do is what you hired me too: take the picture. PLEASE empty your pockets before the ceremony! I can’t stress this one enough! This goes for all your groomsmen too! I guarantee you in that exact moment in your life, you won’t need your phone, keys or wallet. My camera bag is a great place for these things as I’ll be with you the whole day!
  3. LEARN TO TIE YOUR TIES/BOWTIES! It’s very rare to run into this issue, as most guys know how to do this. But some don’t and it’s a frantic “WHO KNOWS HOW TO TIE A TIE” up and down the hotel hallway as we’re getting ready. I’ve even had guys get on their phones and youtube a step by step video 20 minutes before the ceremony. GAH! Again, cutting into my photo time! It’s a super easy task to do, don’t leave it until the last minute!

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