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Red Deer Wedding Photographers – Desert Romance Wedding Inspiration

February 12, 2018

Desert Romance Wedding Inspiration

This styled shoot which was included in my Showit United experience, was this incredible desert romance setup by the one and only Julie Paisley. I remember the days leading up to United and talking with my friend Raelene about who we most wanted to see while in Phoenix, and my easy answer: Julie Paisley. I admire Julie and her unbelievable film work of course, but she’s such a genuinely cool person! As a creative, we ALL swoon over her art, but she is what got my film juices flowing and where my love for fine art film photography formed. Not only is her attention to detail amazing, her styling is how do you say… p e r f e c t i o n in every way. She was the one person I couldn’t wait to talk too at United and on my first day, all those dreams came true. Raelene, god love her, spotted Julie up in the lobby while I was down by the pool. There’s a huge staircase going up the cliff from the pool area where you can see anyone who’s coming or going. As I’m dipping my toes in the water with my pal Kim chatting about life… I suddenly spot Raelene coming down the stairs…  and who does she have trailing behind her but Julie freaking Paisley. I looked at Kim realizing exactly what was happening and shouted “Raelene is bringing me Julie Paisley” LOL What are best friends for?

Julie had set up a beautiful romantic desert inspired shoot for us just outside the hotel doors and again she knocked this out of the park. Earthy tones and delicate, soft details, it was hard to navigate what you wanted to photograph first. The company of the other photographers was so great, Julie was amazing and I’m super happy with the images I was lucky enough to come home with! Thank you so much Julie! It was such an honour to chat with you, watch you work and learn all about film photography 🙂


Bridal Inspiration Desert Shoot with Julie Paisley Photography
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